Business to Business For Women was founded in 2006 by Nancy Mobberley to help ladies build relationships that would support their growth professionally and personally.

The vision was to create an organization unlike any other networking group, with a culture of warmth and intimacy and without the referral requirements of other groups. Today, Business to Business For Women, is thriving, with an impressive and diverse membership that has grown exponentially over the years.

We welcome women from all walks of life to join our amazing and inspiring group



Nancy Mobberley, Founder and Director

When you become a member of Business to Business for Women, you will feel the connection of both professionalism and community awareness through our educational and entertaining programs and events. Of course, fun and laughter are also essential values we uphold.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! In 2023, Business to Business for Women proudly celebrated our 16th year of networking and community. Kudos to Nancy Mobberley for her vision and dedication over the years!

2023 – Business to Business for Women Christmas party