Business to Business For Women is a group of career-oriented women who meet in a casual yet structured environment to help each other grow professionally and personally.  Founded in 2006 by Nancy Mobberley, the organization has grown to over 150 members but maintains its warmth and intimacy. We welcome you to join this amazing group of professional women.

Membership cost is $80/year. This includes:

  • Networking:  Two networking opportunities per month, Luncheon and Before 5 Social
  • Website Profile: Contact Information and link to your website
  • Host Social Event: Showcase your business by hosting a social event
  • Promotional Material:  During the monthly luncheons a centralized table is provided where members can share fliers, brochures, and promotional materials about their businesses. This is preferred to passing items at the individual tables during lunch.
  • Door Prizes:  Door prizes are welcome at the monthly luncheons!  Be sure to include your card and you and your company will be recognized as the prize is awarded. A free 50/50 ticket is provided to the donor for each door prize contributed.
  • Events:  Promote your events on our website and FaceBook page.
  • Reduced lunch fee

For any additional questions regarding our membership, please contact us!

To apply, either complete our online application below or download our PDF application form and bring the completed form to our next event.

Membership cost is $80/year. To join or to renew your membership, please complete the form below so we can add you to our Member database and to the Member page on the website.


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